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January 10, 2021 — San Francisco, California

Hard to believe this was shot in the city of San Francisco and not in the cold, cold North.

Also hard to believe I overlooked this on my first pass through the shots. (Well, not that hard to believe. There were almost 2,000 shots.) On the second pass though, it jumped out at me.

And I thought, “I’m looking at a theater.”

This is a hand-held long exposure shot. That’s why it looks more like a painting. All the streaking is very much intentional. Very little post-processing on this other than to emphasize or deemphasize some tones a little bit here and there. What you see is pretty much what I got. Yes, it’s a color picture.

This is for Gary Zweig.

(Nikon D850, Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR zoom. RAW processing in DxO PhotoLab 4.1; Editing in Adobe Photoshop.)

The Author

California based fine-art photographer featuring abstract, impressionist, and minimalist seascapes — near and distant — and floral-based images. Fine-art photography can be seen at All original images on this blog are copyright 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Michael Scandling. All rights reserved. No images on this site may be copied, duplicated, reused, published, or re-purposed in any way without express permission from the copyright owner, Michael Scandling.


  1. I really love this, Michael, it’s one of my favorites now, I’d say. The balance between readable and obscured is just perfect. In case anyone was wondering (I wasn’t) this absolutely proves that you don’t need excruciating detail and bright colors to convey the power of a scene.

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