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Iceland / Inspiration / Photo Log / Photography / Positivity

January 28, 2020, 11:29 p.m. — Jökulsárlón, South Coast, Iceland Picked up from the Feb 21, 2020 post: The plot thickened; the aurora action quickly moved to center stage. This was taken when the Kp index of disturbances of Earth’s magnetic field caused by solar wind was 3.3. I can’t imagine how bright the top of the Kp scale — 9 — is. Maybe you really do need sunglasses. And then… What’s this? Unidentified Flying […]

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Landscape / Photo Log / Photography / Positivity / Switzerland

December 25, 2019 — Earth Every year, our holiday card features a shot from our travels and every year I use the same clip-art Santa hats and the same elements for an Easter egg or two — because what better time for an Easter egg than Christmas? And every year we come up with the most corny doggerel we can think up: When you go to the land of the Swiss There’s a view you […]