Day Three — Poppy Paradise

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And on the third day, The Land of Oz. Or was it The Sound of Music?


In the southwest corner of the Mojave Desert is a hill that for about a month every spring turns retina-burning orange. The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve and the surrounding countryside.


No wizard. No Julie Andrews. But lots of poppies. Other wildflowers, too. But mostly poppies. (And thirty mile-per-hour winds, so no florascapes.)


And an occasional cloud.


(Nikon D500, Tamron 100–400mm F/4.5-6.3 Di VC USD. Nikon D850, Tamron SP 24–70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2. RAW processing in DxO PhotoLab 2.2; Editing in Adobe Photoshop.)

The Author

California based fine-art photographer featuring abstract, impressionist, and minimalist seascapes — near and distant — and floral-based images. Fine-art photography can be seen at All original images on this blog are copyright 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Michael Scandling. All rights reserved. No images on this site may be copied, duplicated, reused, published, or re-purposed in any way without express permission from the copyright owner, Michael Scandling.


  1. Carolle-Ann Mochernuk, says

    Thank you Michael – For this wonderland of poppies – definitely a paradise!


  2. Have loved all of your superbloom posts Michael. The colors are amazing and you had some wonderful skies to accent them! How were the crowds? Your images make it appear as if there weren’t any!!


    • Thanks Tina. Not very many people on the Carrizo Plain. Hordes at the Poppy Reserve. I frame my shots very carefully to leave them out. Although the lupine shot on day three did see the use of the content aware patch tool for one person. No offense intended for that particular individual; it’s just that although Poppy and Person both start with a “P,” they are not the same and that person was not a poppy.


  3. wow – you cannot really feel the winds from your pics- like the Oz connection – and the ending photo – with that cloud – so original –


  4. Glorious, Michael. You’ve captured the patterns and colors beautifully. What a place! The blooms look more plentiful compared to 2017, I think…


  5. Cathy Lane says

    Amazing shots!!! What an incredible tapestry you caught!! I especially loved the random cloud just sort of floating by….thank you!


  6. I grew up with the red DAV poppies so seeing all that orange is amazing. I do not travel well, but seeing landscapes like this are sorely tempting. Lucky you.


  7. What an enjoyable walk I through your blog this morning. Your macros are delicious and the sprawling flower fields so inviting. I’d hang any of them on my walls. Thank you for the experience.


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