Lisbon, August 18: Fado at Povo

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August 18, 2019; Lisbon, Portugal. A quick break from the photo workshop in Switzerland for a jump to the next part of our trip: Portugal to visit family.

Sunday night’s dinner was at Povo, a restaurant and Fado house in old Lisbon. The food was excellent traditional Portuguese fare but the main event was Fado.

Fado is a traditional music genre native to Portugal. It is most commonly thought of a music of sadness, loss, and longing — but that would be as much of an oversimplification as saying that blues is always sad. It can be said, and has been said, that Fado is a mystery. (Scroll down for the English translation.)

It can also be said that Fado is expressive.

Sunday night’s singer, Sofia Saragoça, with accompanists playing Portuguese guitar and classical guitar, lived up to the traditions of longing, mystery, and expression. Sofia is apparently a product of Povo’s artist in resident program, the best of whom are invited back to sing on weekends. She is excellent — an old soul singing well beyond her years. We had front-table seats. We were entranced.


Next, back to Switzerland…

(Canon G7X II. RAW processing in DxO Pro, Editing in Adobe Photoshop.)

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  1. You may be aware that the Portuguese word povo means ‘people.’
    I spent much of the summer of 1966 in Lisbon. I later went to a concert with probably the most famous fado singer of that era, Amália Rodrigues, in Newark, New Jersey, were many Portuguese had settled.

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  2. Great post, Michael! It´s so nice to hear that you visited Portugal!
    I’m really happy that you loved Fado. It’s so important for portuguese people, it’s part of our History.

    Try to search about Mariza or Ana Moura. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I’ve never visited Portugal, and have only heard fado once, but found it very appealing, even if melancholy. Your pictures definitely convey some of this singer’s expressiveness.

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