Chewy — Hairy Noon and Night

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May 21, 2005 — The Driveway

Chewy was an accidental labradoodle. Love child of a lab and a poodle who were left to do their own thing. That made him, in breederspeak, an F-1.

That means that in a litter, there is an even chance of the offspring having fur from the lab, wiry hair from the poodle, or fleecy hair from the poodle’s line. Chewy had fleecy hair. The best.

Fur sheds and with it comes dander and many people are allergic to dander.

Hair doesn’t shed — it just keeps growing and growing and growing. No shedding means less dander in the air,* but it also requires regular haircuts. This is the boy overdue for a haircut.

It was a mild late May and threatening to get warm. The thick black hair reaches out and grabs the heat and holds it. We’d been putting off the first summer haircut due to the excessive cuteness factor** and the fact that it hadn’t gotten too warm. Yet. But the weather forecast showed a warming trend. This photo was taken just before a buzzcut.

(To be continued…)

(Canon 20D; Canon EF-S 17–85mm f/4–5.6 IS USM. Editing in Adobe Photoshop.)

*This is why labradoodles were originally bred in Australia — to be trained as guide dogs and assistance dogs for people with allergies.

**This was one reason why he was the poster boy for labradoodles in our area. That and his gentle friendliness. In 2005, very few people had even heard of labradoodles, let alone seen one. I don’t know how many times we heard “Gotta get one” after a conversation on a walking trail.

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  1. What a poser he seemed to be! And that hair is FABULOUS!! I had several Shih Tzu’s when I was younger, so constant grooming was in order but the nice thing was they did not shed. They did require a lot of bathing and they smelled like dogs. We have had Japanese Chin for about twenty years now. They shed hair moderately and require a lot of brushing, but are not to be bathed much and there is no dog smell. I appreciate now not having to bathe Oscar and Lollipop much, and they’re small so brushing isn’t a terrible chore.

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    • Thank you. This is one of the few times he actually seemed to enjoy having his picture taken. He would usually shy away from the camera. Drove me crazy. Amazingly, we never bathed Chewy – well hardly ever – and he never smelled. Well, actually, he did horrifically smell a couple of times. Read on…


  2. If Chewey lived here he’d probably want to wait for that haircut. It’s still pretty cold here and he looks fine and happy to me.

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  3. If you’re cute and you know sit right here. If you’re cute and you know it you’re so dear. The word “adorable” was coined for Chewy. ❤ It's too bad that the oncoming heat caused a haircut because he looks perfect.

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    • Well, Steve, that was the thing about Chewy. He didn’t realize that he was cute, but he absolutely knew that he was charming and he used it to his best advantage. “Don’t take me to get a haircut. Please? I hate haircuts. Do you love me, don’t you? You wouldn’t want to have me do something that I hate to do, would you?”

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  4. pure cuteness Michael…mine Shepard/Poodle…was the last left in the litter…she sheds like a Shepard…no curls just wiry hair…enjoy Chewy ~ smiles hedy 🖤🐶

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