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Fog Below, Smoke Above

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September 9, 2020 — Oakland/Berkeley Hills, California If you’re an Instagram user, check out my September 9 posts. @amagaphoto If you’re not, go to This morning at 8:40 a.m. the sky was a dim red-orange. Sunlight was filtered by fire smoke from a 350,000 acre group of fires in Mendocino county, more than 100 miles to the north. The red-orange light was then diffused through thick fog. Apocalyptic. It was so dark that we […]

Let’s Twist Again

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September 6, 2018 — West Shore Lake Tahoe, California One of my first tries at Intentional Camera Motion. I’d given it a shot several years earlier and then let the idea drift. Then on this darkening September evening I sprang (well, really, twisted) back into action. I was originally inspired by Bay Area photographer, Audrey Heller, whose Linger Collection made me do just that. I’ll do a few more this weekend — like I did […]

Pal in Drome

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August 17, 2020 — Sonoma County Coast, California There was a guy in England, an RAF officer, he was. A cracking good pilot. He lived at the RAF Aerodrome, which he and all his mates called the ’Drome. He was an affable guy; extremely well thought of. Popular. He had an easy way about him. He also had a unique talent. He was completely ambidextrous. No matter what he did, he could do equally well […]