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World Oceans Day

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March 19, 2021, Sonoma Coast On the day I shot this, the waves were in 12 seconds sets. Five per minute. This was a typical inside wave. The real action was several hundred yards further out. This one was not the biggest wave ever. Probably only about four feet. But it was exquisite in its sculptural delicacy. A fleeting example of Mother Ocean’s ephemeral art. June 8 is World Oceans Day. Do something nice for […]

Tight Rope

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March 15, 2021 — Sonoma County Coast, California While the house was in the hands of the realtor being prepped for sale, we took off for the coast for a few days. Early one afternoon, clouds cast shadows on the sea. Perfect for intentional camera motion. That shot — one of many, because ICM is a numbers game — formed the basis for the completed picture, which doesn’t look anything at all like what was […]


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January 10, 2021 — San Francisco, California Hard to believe this was shot in the city of San Francisco and not in the cold, cold North. Also hard to believe I overlooked this on my first pass through the shots. (Well, not that hard to believe. There were almost 2,000 shots.) On the second pass though, it jumped out at me. And I thought, “I’m looking at a theater.” This is a hand-held long exposure […]


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December 9, 2020 — Pacific Grove, California  Taken a few minutes after the shot in the Dec 14 post. I’m not Rachael Talibart and I do not have easy access to the Sussex coast, but on this day the Pacific’s collision with the Monterey Bay coast did provide towering but very temporary structure. She names her works after characters in mythology, but here I’m reminded of the tail of a Boeing 707. I do believe […]


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December 9, 2020 — Pacific Grove, California I’m slowly emerging from my cave… A few days ago, the Muse and I headed south on a journey in search of Monarch butterflies and the manifestation of a high surf advisory — and for an Ambrosia Burger and glass of Santa Lucia pinot noir on the deck of Nepenthe 30 miles further down the Big Sur coast. We got there just a few days before sitting on […]


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November 6, 2020 — Point Reyes National Seashore, California The surf was particularly exuberant yesterday. Almost as if it knew something was about to happen. (Nikon D500, Tamron 100–400mm f/4.5–6.3 Di VC USD. RAW processing in DxO PhotoLab 4.0.1; Editing in Adobe Photoshop.) PS — I’m still deeply engaged in other activities and I shall return to regular blogging and to reading blogs as soon as I can. You’ll like what you see.

Realization Re-realized

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January 1, 2020 — Sonoma County Coast. October 1, 2020 — My Office. Sometimes you move back to express the essence. Sometimes you move in. And sometimes, months later, you re-crop even tighter. Because with all the smoke and heat here in Northern California, I wanted something cool and cleansing. (Nikon D500, Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR zoom. RAW processing in DxO PhotoLab 3.1; Editing in Adobe Photoshop.)

Rip Saw

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August 14, 2020 — Sonoma County Coast, California Hiding in the archives. Right out in the open, waiting to be found. Latest in the Wave Cave series. A little less tranquil than recent posts. Fairly small crop of a 600mm shot (400mm on a 1.5 crop sensor). ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/600 sec. (Nikon D500, Tamron 100–400mm f/4.5–6.3 Di VC USD. RAW processing in DxO PhotoLab 3.3; Editing in Adobe Photoshop.)

A Line

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July 25, 2020 — San Mateo County Coast, California; September 20, 2020 — My Office Revisiting the same shot that was featured in the September 12 post. Same shot; different crop. Looking at this while absorbing the current scene led me to make the following observation: On either side of the line can be an infinity of nuance. But the line itself? Sharp. No ambiguity. That’s one reason why these views of the horizon bring […]

Light Path

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Note to email subscribers: To get a far better look at the picture, click on the title of the blog and you’ll be taken to the actual blog website. It’s always a much more satisfying view. July 13, 2018. San Gregorio Bluffs, San Mateo County, California. The bluffs over San Gregorio Beach are a favorite spot for me. They provide a high enough vantage point for me to see far out to sea with an […]