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April 10, 2015, Hurricane Point, Big Sur Coast. August 8, 2017, my office. Morning of May 13, 2021, my office. Evening of May 13, 2021, my office. On January 12, 2019, I wrote in my twelfth blog post: My dog and I decided that conditions were right for a ride down the coast. Travels with Chewy. And Nikon. We made it as far south as Hurricane Point. Crystal clear. The horizon went halfway to Hawaii. […]

The Essence of the Essence

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July 10, 2020. San Gregorio Bluffs, San Mateo County, California. January 28, 2021, My Office Here’s what I said in my August 3, 2020 post of the mother of today’s picture: This is an impossibly small crop of a much larger frame — a starting point for an imaginary stroll on walkable water. I was going to post this last night, but it wasn’t ready. This is a picture where every nuance counts. An adjustment […]

Pal in Drome

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August 17, 2020 — Sonoma County Coast, California There was a guy in England, an RAF officer, he was. A cracking good pilot. He lived at the RAF Aerodrome, which he and all his mates called the ’Drome. He was an affable guy; extremely well thought of. Popular. He had an easy way about him. He also had a unique talent. He was completely ambidextrous. No matter what he did, he could do equally well […]

How Does it Feel?

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August 13, 2006, Big Sur Coast, California / June 27, 2017, Silicon Valley, California Gray day. The streak on horizon was the appeal. It was all there was. Shoot. Crap shoot, really. This was long before I was shooting RAW, so no direction home in editing. Gray on gray on gray. Blah. Nothing. Ain’t it hard when I discovered that it really wasn’t where it’s at… It sat in archives for almost nine years. One […]

The Pacific, Living up to its Name

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California / Inspiration / Photo Log / Photography / Seascapes

May 12, 2020 — San Mateo County Coast, California Driving has always been allowed in California. There is simply nowhere worthwhile to park. All state beach (meaning “beach”) parking has been blocked. But there had been rain (finally) and the sky promised to be interesting, I drove to the coast to try my luck. I was expecting reasonably good surf for wave photos. Six to nine feet was the forecast. I was pumped. The very […]

What a Diff’rence a Crop Makes

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Abstract / California / Impressionism / Inspiration / Photo Log / Photography / Seascapes

March 22, 2020 — San Mateo County Coast, California What a diff’rence a crop made Ten percent’s left of pixels And to pixels that were nixel’d — You’ll be mourned; but this is unadorned   Though panorama has attraction There is soul in abstraction We see only a fraction But the essence is clear   Oh, what a diff’rence a crop makes Form and tone lay before me Skies above are not stormy Since that […]

Ship Rock Water Sky

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May 8, 2015. Sutro Baths, San Francisco, California. My general plan in shooting Horizons is to have water and sky and nothing more. In this scene I wanted the texture and pattern of light on the water juxtaposed with the soft clouds. Period. But without a crane I wasn’t going to get high enough to get the rock out of the frame and the light was changing rapidly and then this huge RORO (Roll On […]

There’s a Ship in My Shot!

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California / Photo Log / Photography / Seascapes / Ships / Sunset

January 24, 2016. Nepenthe, Big Sur Coast, California. We were celebrating my birthday with a day trip to Big Sur, and what trip to Big Sur is complete without an Ambrosia Burger at Nepenthe? Satiated, I turned to see what my prospects were for a sunset shot. Laminated clouds? Check. Sea calm? Check. No fog bank? Check. Free of shipping traffic? No. There was a ship on the horizon, heading south at a good clip. […]


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Not one of the most influential rock bands of the ’60s. Not a denizen of a prison yard — after whom the band was named. No. These birds visited my yard on Saturday morning. Ever vigilant, I was there. I was particularly on the lookout for Anna’s hummingbirds, but the Hutton’s Vireo (I believe) above posed for me so nicely had to include him/her. But for the rest, I refer to — and alter — […]