As Turner Might Have Seen It. . .

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June 19, 2020 — Point Reyes National Seashore, California

. . .Had Turner been on the beach at Point Reyes with a camera. Which, of course, he wasn’t.

This is an experiment in ICM — Intentional Camera Motion. As one might expect, the subject was moving as well, as waves are wont to do.

(Nikon D850, Nikon 24-120mm f/4G VR. RAW processing in DxO PhotoLab 3.3; Editing in Adobe Photoshop.)

The Author

California based fine-art photographer featuring abstract, impressionist, and minimalist seascapes — near and distant — and floral-based images. Fine-art photography can be seen at All original images on this blog are copyright 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Michael Scandling. All rights reserved. No images on this site may be copied, duplicated, reused, published, or re-purposed in any way without express permission from the copyright owner, Michael Scandling.


  1. The photograph definitely has a painterly quality. Not till I read your text did I know what that effect was due to. Do you recall the specifics of how you moved the camera?

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    • Thank you very much. In this particular case I didn’t consciously move it as much as I made no attempt to hold it still. It was a 1.6 second exposure. I let the waves do the work.


  2. melissabluefineart says

    This is stunning. I love to see the movement~you can practically feel the spray on your face!

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  3. I read that you were not intentionally moving but it seems so well controlled. Very painterly and a very appealing sense of motion without the sometimes dizzying effect.


  4. The hints of green and the soft spray that flips up to the upper right both keep me happy. From high-contrast and tightly focused (the wave closeup) to soft and smudgy, I like the variety.

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